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CHM 2095 Mini-Project-3

 Resources and Reference Information for CHM 2095 Mini-Project-3 Ideal gas videos! The Ideal Gas Law: Crash Course Chemistry #12 Ideal Gas Problems: Crash Course Chemistry #13 Assorted information on the Kelly Power Plant General GRU info GRU in the news!

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CHM 2096 Mini-Project-6

┬áResources and Reference Information for CHM 2096 Mini-Project-6 News articles on grid-scale energy storage: Utility-scale battery prices dropping Grid-scale storage opportunities World’s biggest grid-scale batteries The Wikipedia page on grid energy storage Information on battery technologies/materials

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CHM 2096 Mini-Project-5

 Resources and Reference Information for CHM 2096 Mini-Project-5 Supporting Information for Calculations GRU Biomass Generation The Biomass Plant has created a stir in the city of Gainesville. Where does the biomass come from and how much do they use? Information

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