Bokor, J. R., Crippen, K. J., & Koroly, M. J. (2018). Science teacher motivations for repeat attendance at university outreach center professional development programs. The Journal of STEM Outreach, 1(1).


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For Current and Potential Graduate Students

Why study with Dr. Crippen?

Simply, because it's all about you. As a mentor, I view my role as guide; helping people achieve their goals and desires, not mine. If you are considering graduate school and are doing your background research on what it's all about, then you will come to understand that what I ask of students is based upon them acquiring the knowledge, experiences, skills, and habits of work and mind that best position them for achieving their goals. I try to cultivate an academic family, a community that compliments hard work and accomplishment with support, celebration and responsibility for others. We strive to have our work make a dent in the universe, but we also understand that we achieve this by being our brothers' and sisters' keepers.

Things to consider...

The following illustrates nicely some of my beliefs and are elements of my philosophy for mentoring graduate students.

Graduate School is a Means to a Job

Helpful Things to Know

The Rhetoric of the CV

How the Academic Hiring Process Works

When it comes to a dissertation, done is best

How to Write a Great Research Paper

How to respond to reviewers