Sas, M., Bendixen, L., Crippen, K. J., & Saddler, S. (2017). Online Collaborative Misconception Mapping strategy enhanced health science students’ discussion and knowledge of basic statistical concepts. Journal of College Science Teaching, 46(6), 88-99. 


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Instruments to Measure SRL

The following are insturments and data collection techniques related to measuring self-regulated learning:

====== Survey Instruments ======

Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionairre (MSLQ)**

Garcia, T., & Pintrich, P. R. (1995). Assessing Student's Motivation and Learning Strategies: The Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association, San Fransisco.

**Students Motivation Towards Science Learning (SMTSL)**

Tuana, H., Chinb, C., & Shiehc, S. (2005). The development of a questionnaire to measure students’ motivation towards science learning. //International Journal of Science Education//, 27(6), 639-654.

**Patterns of Adaptive Learning Scales (PALS)**

Middleton, M., & Midgley, C. (1997). Avoiding the demonstration of lack of ability: An unexplored aspect of goal theory. //Journal of Educational Psychology//, 89(4), 710-718.

====== Interview Protocals ======

**Self-Regulated Learning Interview Schedule (SRLIS)**

Zimmerman, B. J., & Martinez-Pons, M. (1986). Development of a structured interview for assessing student use of self-regulated learning strategies. //American Educational Research Journal//, 23, 614-628.

====== Readings Related to Measuring SRL ======

Boekaerts, M., & Corno, L. (2005). Self-Regulation in the classroom: A perspective on assessent and intervention. //Applied Psychology: An International Review//, 54(2), 199-231.

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Winne, P. H., Jamieson-Noel, D., & Muis, K. (2001). Methodological Issues and Advances in Researching Tactics, Strategies and Self-Regulated Learning. In New Directions in Measures and Methods (Vol. 12, pp. 121-155): Elsevier Science Ltd.