Lundgren, L. M., & Crippen, K. J. (2017). Developing social paleontology: A case study implementing innovative social media applications. In D. Remenyl (Ed.), The Social Media in Practice Excellence Awards 2017 at ECSM 2017: An Anthology of Case Histories (pp. 11-26). Reading, UK: Academic Conferences and Publishing International Limited (ACPIL).


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An email from Joe Novak

Following the publication of:

Kern, C., & Crippen, K. J. (2008). Mapping for Conceptual Change. The Science Teacher (September).


---Monday August 25, 2008---

Hello Cindy and Kent -- Congratulations on the fine paper in the
September TST! Your work is exactly what we had hoped to encourage in
the work we have been doing. It is an excellent example of putting
into practice, with good success, ideas that began with research

My guess is that your work also helped you to clarify some of your own
ideas about evolution and other concepts. You may want to mention how
concept mapping helps teachers, as well as students, in future
writings and presentations.

I would appreciate receiving a pdf of your paper.

I attach a recent paper that may interest you.

Best wishes for continued success in your excellent work! -- Joe Novak