Sas, M., Bendixen, L., Crippen, K. J., & Saddler, S. (2017). Online Collaborative Misconception Mapping strategy enhanced health science students’ discussion and knowledge of basic statistical concepts. Journal of College Science Teaching, 46(6), 88-99. 


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Taking STEM to the Cloud - Applications of SaaS

Collaborating with colleagues from the Computer Science Department at Arizona State University, we are involved in the research and development a next-generation web-based tool for nationwide use by high school students for problem-solving activities that are expected to facilitate the acquisition of contemporary computing knowledge and skills in addition to STEM related concepts.

The tool is designed for teaching/learning both traditional and modern computing concepts, e.g., cloud computing and software services, using the latest web-based composition or mashup techniques. Students perform declarative problem-solving activities that will require them to learn and apply computing and other STEM knowledge. They work in a realistic environment, dealing with software service requirements, discovery of reusable services, visual composition, and mashup of web-based data sources and services.

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