Lundgren, L., Crippen, K. J., & Bex, R. T. (2020). Social media interaction as informal science learning: a comparison of message design in two niches. Research in Science Education.


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Las Vegas +30

What does it take to survive and thrive in Las Vegas 30 years from today?

This big question drives a cyberlearning curriculum unit that was built collaboratively by a group of teachers to introduce and ground the concept of urban sustainability in the lives of area high school students. Students use the interactive below as evidence in claim statements for the materials they propose to take on a time travel to Las Vegas of the future. They compare these statements to the projections offered by scientific experts and debate the merits of their choices.

Use the mashup below to evaluate the impact of an increase in the average global temperature by 4 degrees Celsius (+4°C) by focusing on how changes in crops, water availability, and extreme temperatures may impact both Mali, Africa and Las Vegas, Nevada (for Mali, scroll right and look for the school house icon).

Data source for the projected +4°change: Met Office Hadley Centre, United Kingdom

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