Kern, C. L., & Crippen, K. J. (2017). The Effect of Scaffolding Strategies for Inscriptions and Argumentation in a Science Cyberlearning Environment. Journal of Science Education and Technology, 26(1), 33-43. doi:10.1007/s10956-016-9649-x


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Catalyzing a New Vision for STEM
at the University of Florida

Kent Crippen's proposal for STEM as a metaconcept for higher education

Questions Driving this Research

What design frameworks, heuristics and principles:

support the implementation of cyberlearning as an effective and tranformative STEM teaching and learning environment?

address the chronic problem of under-representation of specific populations of people in STEM?

afford social media as a vehicle for improving access to and learning of STEM content?

How can the use of design in these pursuits inform our understanding of learners, learning, teaching, as well as amateur and professional development in both formal and informal STEM contexts?

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