Bokor, J. R., Crippen, K. J., & Koroly, M. J. (2018). Science teacher motivations for repeat attendance at university outreach center professional development programs. The Journal of STEM Outreach, 1(1).


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Catalyzing STEM Education @UF

Niches in a Learning Ecosystem

Big Questions Driving the Work of CRG

A. How can design inform our understanding of learners and the reciprocal processes of knowing, learning and teaching in both formal and informal STEM education contexts?

B. What design frameworks, features and methodologies are effective and transformative for enabling inclusive STEM programming, experiences, and practice?

Long-Term Goals

I. Improve undergraduate student persistence in STEM through curriculum reform.

II. Build participation in and contributions to STEM through systems that transcend schooling and leverage social participation, authentic practice and community building.

III. Support scientist-teacher partnerships as a reciprocal form of professional development.

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