Crippen, K. J., Ellis, S., Dunckel, B. A., Hendy, A. J. W., & MacFadden, B. J. (online first). Seeking shared practice: A juxtaposition of the attributes and activities of organized fossil groups with those of professional paleontology. Journal of Science Education and Technology. doi:10.1007/s10956-016-9627-3


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KJC Philosophy Statements

Some random thoughts regarding my philosophy:

  • Constructivism is a cognitive process, not an instructional strategy.
  • The degree to which an instructional strategy is successful is proportional to the amount of performance related feedback it provides.
  • Mastery learning rules the day.
  • Technology supports curriculum, it doesn't determine it.
  • It's always about the content.
  • You can NEVER have read enough about a topic.
  • Learning styles are an excuse (Willingham video).
  • No more carrots and sticks. - Dan Pink {Autonomy-Mastery-Purpose} (TED Video)
  • Quality teachers are content experts who effectively use technology within a model of discipline specific pedagogy (TPCK-Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge).
  • Thinking with technology, that's the idea.
  • Anecdotes are not a good data source.
  • Know the data before offering an opinion.
  • The Wire is the sine qua non.
  • MS PowerPoint - Edward Tufte's essay does a wonderful job of describing my thoughts on the subject.
  • Ontologically, I am a NERD
  • "I didn’t come to have a participation ribbon, you know." - Gator Coach Jim McElwain; Exactly.

 how to build a ship

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