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KJC Philosophy Statement

Some random thoughts regarding my philosophy:

  • Constructivism is a cognitive process, not an instructional strategy.
  • The degree to which an instructional strategy is successful is proportional to the amount of performance related feedback it provides.
  • Mastery learning rules the day.
  • Technology supports curriculum, it doesn't determine it.
  • It's always about the content
  • You can NEVER have read enough about a topic
  • Learning styles are an excuse (Willingham video).
  • No more carrots and sticks. - Dan Pink {Autonomy-Mastery-Purpose} (TED Video)
  • Quality teachers are content experts who effectively use technology within a model of discipline specific pedagogy (TPCK-Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge).
  • Thinking with technology is a very powerful idea.
  • Anecdotes are not a good data source.
  • Know the data before offering an opinion.
  • The Wire is the sine qua non.
  • From early on, I've felt MS PowerPoint was an awful tool. I've been very troubled about its general acceptance as an educational tool. In fact, many educators and educational technology experts speak of PP as if it's education's killer app. Edward Tufte's essay does a wonderful job of describing my thoughts on the subject.
  • Just to clarify...I am a NERD