Perez, V., Leder, R. M., Lundgren, L. A., Ellis, S., Dunckel, B., & Crippen, K. J. (2020). The belgrade paleoblitz: a pilot project to engage amateur paleontologists. Palaeontologia Electronica, 23(1), 18a.


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Current Members of the Crippen Research Group

Degree Area
Name Focus, Thesis or Dissertation Title
Ph.D. Science Education Gayle Evans Developmental Networks in RET Laboratories
Ph.D. Science Education Corey Payne The Impact of a PBL Chemistry Laboratory Curriculum on Persistence of Traditionally At-risk Students Majoring in Engineering
Ph.D. Science Education Lorelie Imperial

A Sensemaking Perspective on Graduate Teaching Assistants' Knowing and Planning for Model-Based Reasoning

Ph.D. Science Education Richard Bex Cyberlearning, learning with spatial thinking tools, citizen science, social media
Ph.D. Educational Technology Shalaunda Reeves Unpacking the Experience: Beliefs and Conceptions of Undergraduate Science Students Concerning VR Labs
Ph.D. Statistics Education Charlotte Bolch Data Scientists’ Epistemic Thinking for Creating and Interpreting Visualizations
Ph.D. Science Education Meena Thiyagarajah Modeling persistence and retention in undergraduate engineering
M.A.E. Science Education Joe Watts Undergraduate Laboratory Research Experiences in the Health Sciences


Degree Year
Area Name Thesis or Dissertation Title
M.A.E. 2020 Science Education Courtney Spillman Design and Development of the Science and Engineering Practice Experience Protocol S(EP)2
Ph.D. 2018 Science Education Lisa Lundgren Mapping One Niche of Social Paleontology's Digital Ecology: Exploring the Practices of myFOSSIL Community Members
Ph.D. 2016 Science Education Julie Bokor Developing Design Expertise through a Teacher-Scientist Professional Development Program
Ph.D. 2014 Science Education Cheryl McLaughlin The Negotiation of Meaning and Exercise of Power in Professional Learning Communities: An investigation of Middle School Science Teachers (Dr. Elizabeth Bondy, Co-Chair)
Ph.D. 2014 Science Education Julie Brown Designing for Culturally Responsive Science Education Through Professional Development
Ph.D. 2013 Educational Technology Nicola Wayer A Case Study of Blended Learning Across the Content Areas in a K-12 School (Dr. Kara Dawson, Co-Chair)
Ph. D. 2013 Science Education Cindy Kern The Effect of Scaffolded Strategies on Content Learning in a Designed Science Cyberlearning Environment
Ph.D. 2012 Science Education Ellen Ebert Understanding Adolescent Perceptions and Relevancy of Science Education
Ph.D. 2008 Educational Technology Leanna Archambault The Characteristics, Knowledge, and Preparation Levels of K-12 Online Distance Educators in the United States
Ph.D. 2008 Learning & Technology Kevin Biesinger The Effects of Feedback Protocol And Learning Environment Perceptions On Self-Regulated Learning
Ph.D. 2008 Learning & Technology Kevin Kirk Performance, Perception and Choice of Animated Pedagogical Agent